Q: How do your prices compare to new?

A: Our prices are typically about half the cost of new.

Q: Do you sell energy efficient appliances?
A: We sell an increasing number of Energy Star appliances. However, the best option for reducing global carbon imprint is to extend the life of existing appliances. Consider the energy and resources it takes to produce a new appliance and then to transport it into our community. Then consider the energy needed to transport your old machine out of our community and have it recycled. This energy consumption is infinitely larger than the extra energy used by an already manufactured machine purchased locally.

The average life expectancy of a large appliance is about 15 years. If we extend the life of these appliances by five years, we can reduce the need to produce new machines by 25%! Most of the appliances we sell are built to last and require less maintenance than new machines. 

If you do buy an energy efficient appliance, be sure to bring your old machine to Appliance Depot. Buying re-conditioned is sometimes the only affordable option for others in the community.

Q: Is Appliance Depot a nonprofit?
A: Yes, Appliance Depot is operated by ReUse Works, a Washington 501(c)(3) tax exempt, nonprofit organization. Learn more about nonprofits HERE.

Q: Are donations tax deductible?
A: All donations, including cash, are tax deductable and your purchases help support ReUse Work’s mission of waste reduction, job-training and low income empowerment. 

Q: Does Appliance Depot offer discounts for nonprofits?
A: Yes! We offer a 25% Discount on sales to nonprofit organizations (No discount for Freon disposal or pickups)

Q: What if I have an old appliance that I know doesn’t work, can I still donate it?
A: Yes, we want all discarded appliances, in any condition, whether they work or not. If we can’t save it for reuse, we will strip it for parts and high grade metals, and then recycle it.

Q. Does it cost me anything to bring my old appliance to you?
A: No, your appliance will be accepted as a tax deductible donation to our nonprofit. HOWEVER, we do charge to recycle Freon from a refrigeration unit.

Q.Why do I have to pay to give you a working fridge?
A: We charge a $30 fee to remove and recycle Freon and compressor oil from refrigerated units to offset the fees we pay to safely dispose of these toxics. You will pay a fee anywhere that safely recycles appliances with Freon, and we always aim to keep our disposal fee the cheapest in the county. 

Q: Will you come and get my old appliance?
A: We have curbside collection service in most of Whatcom County for a small fee. When we deliver an appliance purchased at Appliance Depot, we can collect your old appliances often times for no additional fee (see applicable recycling fees).

Q: Do you do repairs?
A: We only do repairs on appliances we’ve sold.

Q: Do you sell parts?
A: Yes. We have the most common used parts in stock, and are able to order most new parts as well. Bring your old part and/or the model number of your machine and we’ll see if we can match it.

Q: What happens if I have a problem with an appliance purchased from Appliance Depot?
A: Everything we sell is covered by our 90-day, 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. As a local community-oriented business, we stand behind the products we sell. And – unlike the planned obsolescence built in to many new appliances – older units were built to a higher standard of quality and engineered to last.


A Project of ReuseWorks

Appliance Depot is a project of ReUse Works, a nonprofit organization with a mission to create jobs from waste.


Good place to get used parts for older appliances that are no longer manufactured.

- Mark

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