At Appliance Depot we only do repairs for machines we have sold, but check out the following videos for relatively simple do-it-yourself fixes:


TROUBLE: washer is full of water whirlpool lid switch


TROUBLE: Dryer hums but doesn’t tumble whirlpool dryer belt maytag dryer belt replacement


TROUBLE: wobbly electric range burner how to secure a range burner


TROUBLE: range burner not heating how to fix range receptacle


TROUBLE: My drip pans are very “unattractive” Best way to clean drip pans


TROUBLE: I keep getting error codes from my washer Whirlpool front load washer error codes


TROUBLE: Dryer is tumbling but not heating Step by step reasons a Dryer won’t heat


TROUBLE :My dryer won’t start Step by step reasons a Dryer won’t start


TROUBLE: The dryer/range has the wrong plug for my house Installing a 4-prong plug (Dryer AND Range)


Trouble: how to test a big power outlet Testing range/dryer outlet for true 240 volts

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Good place to get used parts for older appliances that are no longer manufactured.

- Mark

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