Below are some helpful home repair video tutorials that we have collected over the years. At Appliance Depot we only do repairs for machines we have sold, but check out these videos for simple do-it-yourself fixes.


TROUBLE: washer is full of water whirlpool lid switch


TROUBLE: Dryer hums but doesn’t tumble whirlpool dryer belt maytag dryer belt replacement


TROUBLE: wobbly electric range burner how to secure a range burner


TROUBLE: range burner not heating how to fix range receptacle


TROUBLE: My drip pans are very “unattractive” Best way to clean drip pans


TROUBLE: I keep getting error codes from my washer Whirlpool front load washer error codes


TROUBLE: Dryer is tumbling but not heating Step by step reasons a Dryer won’t heat


TROUBLE :My dryer won’t start Step by step reasons a Dryer won’t start


TROUBLE: The dryer/range has the wrong plug for my house Installing a 4-prong plug (Dryer AND Range)


Trouble: how to test a big power outlet Testing range/dryer outlet for true 240 volts

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