Curbside Pickup

Appliance Depot offers curbside pickup of your unwanted appliances. We can pick up washers, dryers, and ranges, for $10 in Bellingham and Ferndale, and for a $30 in Sudden Valley and the rest of Whatcom County. 

All fridges and freezers require an additional $30 environmental fee to cover the cost of Freon recycling.

Our pickup schedule is:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday Sudden Valley and County
Tuesday and Thursday and Saturday Bellingham/Ferndale

Call us at 527-2646 to arrange a pickup of your unwanted appliances!  



A Project of ReuseWorks

Appliance Depot is a project of ReUse Works, a nonprofit organization with a mission to create jobs from waste.


My husband and I were recommended to go here if we ever needed a new appliance. Well today is that day (washer and dryer). My husband went and found us one that fit our needs and budget. Better yet, by donating the ones we don’t need, we are getting free delivery and helping those in our community learn a trade. Win-win!  


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