Curbside Pickup

Appliance Depot offers curbside pickup of your unwanted appliances. We can pick up washers, dryers, and ranges, for $10 in Bellingham and Ferndale, and for a $30 in Sudden Valley and the rest of Whatcom County. 

All fridges and freezers require an additional $30 environmental fee to cover the cost of Freon recycling.

Our pickup schedule is:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday Sudden Valley and County
Tuesday and Thursday and Saturday Bellingham/Ferndale

Call us at 527-2646 to arrange a pickup of your unwanted appliances!  



A Project of ReuseWorks

Appliance Depot is a project of ReUse Works, a nonprofit organization with a mission to create jobs from waste.


Good place to get used parts for older appliances that are no longer manufactured.


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