Outdoor Pickup

In celebration of Earth Day (which is April 22nd) this year, Appliance Depot is offering free pickup of all your working or non-working appliances. The normal charge for this is $10 ($30 if in the county), plus a $30 charge for Freon recycling for each refrigerator or freezer. All appliances MUST be outside the house. If we have to come into the house to remove the appliance, normal charges will apply.

From April 7 till May 5, there are absolutely NO CHARGES, nada, zilch, nothing, as long as the appliance is outside the house. To schedule a pickup for anywhere in Whatcom County, you can:

Call us at 360-527-2646 or Email us at: Info@ApplianceDepotBham.com 



A Project of ReuseWorks

Appliance Depot is a project of ReUse Works, a nonprofit organization with a mission to create jobs from waste.


Good place to get used parts for older appliances that are no longer manufactured.


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